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Advantages of working Part-time in Canada

Study in Canada

Most students want to work part-time to cover some of the expenses but there are also other advantages:
Money never sleeps

Having a part-time job is a source of stable income that will allow students to pay for rent and incidentals. This will reduce the financial burden and dependency on your sponsors and parents. It will also teach students the important life lesson of saving for a rainy day and financial management.

Skills Development

Part-time jobs help students develop some their key skills in the areas of networking, communication, work ethics and most importantly understanding the culture of the host nation. There is nothing better than meeting peers from the community and spending time socially with them. This is a good window into the new cultures and one that might be part of your life for many years to come.
Employers will also appreciate your experience as it gives insight into your abilities such as work ethic, commitment, time management, supervisory skills etc.
Time Management and Grades
One thing you will learn quickly with a part-time job is time management. It changes your ordinary student life to one where you have to juggle your work and school. This ability to manage time will be a big influence on your current and future life. As a student you will be forced to better manage your time and become more effective, that means on-time submission of assignments and even acing them. In lifetime is the most valuable commodity and if you can manage it the rest is easy!

If there is one thing that we recommend most, that is ‘NETWORK’. Students have to try to network and meet new people all the time. With a part-time job, you are networking every day. You get to meet new people all the time and with a good impression, you just might land your future job!
Employee benefits
Most big companies provide health and dental benefits which are quite important for students. Other smaller companies will provide discounts and perks. Students working in restaurants can avail themselves to free food and coffee etc.
Working part-time is an essential part of a student profile and it will help expand your horizons. Find a job that fits your schedule and learns from it. Student days are full of new experiences and embrace them for a better tomorrow!

We at Canada Education Connect have experience in these areas and we are here to guide you. Contact our expert counsellors for more details.

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