1.How many backlogs are allowed in Canadian universities?

In general, no backlogs are always the best option. For Canadian universities with increased competition the scope to accept backlogs is on the lower side but the good news is that some universities only look at the last two years when calculating your final GPA and if you have your backlogs in the first two years of your studies then you are on the safer side.

Some universities are also accepting of students with less than 3 backlogs, but the students should be able to demonstrate strong academics before and after the backlogs. Your ‘Statement of Purpose’ or ‘Personal essay’ can also be a medium where you can discuss the reasons for your backlogs and the admissions committee will give weightage to that in making their final decision.

The SOP should also speak about your interests in the program and students should make a genuine effort in making sure each SOP is catered to the specific university and not a general one that is sent to all the universities where they are applying. Admissions committee are well versed with applications and they can figure out the ones that are written one and that catch their attention. Students with backlogs are recommended to make their applications extra strong for success.

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