Offering easy access to Canadian study

If you want to access the Canadian education system but find the process overwhelming, we can help. Canada Education Connect (CEdC) is a consultancy service based on the East Coast of Canada with offices in India. We help students like you choose a program and educational institution that not only fits your interests, but will also help you develop a secure career plan.

Our registered agents will support you from beginning to end, using a holistic approach that draws on their deep understanding of the process. They’ll also tap into their personal experience of moving from India to study and work in Canada.

Our executive team

Vijay R Bhashyakarla, Managing Director, Canada Operations

Vijay R Bhashyakarla leads Canadian operations from his office in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. A proud graduate of Halifax’s Dalhousie University, Mr. Bhashyakarla has used the skills gained from a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program in a lengthy and successful career with the Nova Scotia Government.

During this time, he has gained an in-depth understanding of Canadian policy and processes through his work in intergovernmental affairs, economic development, business planning, and public administration.

His part-time faculty position at Mount Saint Vincent University helps reinforce his expertise in the workings of the Canadian education system.