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1.How many backlogs are allowed in Canadian universities?

In general, no backlogs are always the best option. For Canadian universities with increased competition the scope to accept backlogs is on the lower side but the good news is that some universities only look at the last two years when calculating your final GPA and if you have your backlogs in the first two […]

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What is the Canadian student visa processing time?

Canadian embassies are staffed to address student visas diligently. The time taken will depend on the geographical region (Delhi, Bangalore etc.) you are applying to and the period of the year. For example: For fall (September) start, there will be a number of students applying for Canadian student visas and you should expect a longer […]

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Is it a good idea to apply to study abroad through educational consultancy or should I directly contact the university?

A good educational consultant/consultancy is one who is not just placing you in a university but is more interested in understanding your ultimate career goals. They are well versed with the Country, the educational systems, the career opportunities and the local culture in the various states within the Country. This allows them to have a […]

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