Internationally respected degrees

Canada’s internationally recognized degrees and high quality programs will give you the expertise you need to land your dream job. Whether you are mid-career or just starting out, our experienced counselors can help you choose the program that best suits your needs and goals.

Canadian Education Connect (CEdC) counselors are deeply familiar with a full range of Canadian university and college programs, and their admission requirements. We can help you choose the program that will give you the career you want.
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Continuing Care Assistant (Nursing)

As our population ages, the need caregivers grows.


If you want a career in the private sector, you may want to consider an on-campus MBA program with an internship component.

Information Technology

IT graduates are in high demand in Canada, and they typically work in fields like video gaming, information architecture, and software development.

Mathematics / Statistics

Canada prides itself in evidence-based research and decision-making, which means statistics graduates are in-demand in both the public and private sectors.


Agriculture and agri-export are significant economic drivers, both in Canada and internationally.


Graduates from engineering programs will always be in demand in Canada

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