Helping you get in to the university of your dreams

With requirements that include tests, notarized transcripts, letters of recommendation, and statements of purpose, the idea of applying to study in Canada can seem daunting. But with a little help and a lot of expertise, we can make the process much easier to manage.

Required tests

IELTS or TOFEL are mandatory entrance exams for students who speak English as a second language. These tests, which evaluate English language competency, may seem intimidating, but this can be managed by creating a fully thought-out study guide to help you prepare.

As a student, you’ll have the option of participating in mock exams, which will help you familiarize yourself with the format of the IELTS or TOFEL. And remember—these exams can be written multiple times if necessary.

Notarized transcripts

If you’re a graduate planning to work or further your education abroad, you may need to provide proof of your degree, transcripts, and coursework to the country, work authority, or institution where you’re hoping to study.

Conditional admission offers may be made based on documents uploaded to the application system. However, admission offers won’t be finalized until the university receives and validates all required official academic records.

Some programs require an official set of transcripts when you apply, and others will only require paper documents after they have offered conditional admission.

Letter of recommendation

Letters of recommendation are not only a mandatory part of the admissions process, they’re also needed to apply for jobs and scholarships. These letters should come from a previous employer, professor from your educational institution, or someone else who can speak to your education or experience in your area of work.

These letters are confidential, and should be mailed directly to the university you’re applying to. Remember, it’s important to maintain confidentially throughout the application process, but we can help.

Statement of purpose

A statement of purpose is a well-written, well-formatted essay that highlights your achievements and goals. This essay should convince the selection committee of a university or educational institute that you’re well-suited for their programs.

CEdC can help you with this essay by proofreading and providing constructive criticism. All in all, this document should emphasize why a university or institute should select you—and we can help you reach that goal.