Whether you’re hoping to work while you study, or you want to start your career in Canada, there are plenty of work opportunities for international students in Canada.

Working while you study

If you’re enrolled in a full-time academic, professional, or vocational training program at a designated institution, you can work up to 20 hours a week without having to get a work permit. And that’s during school. During the summers or breaks, you can work full-time.

Internships and co-op programs

If your training program requires a co-op program or internship, you’ll be able to take part. But remember—you’ll need to get a co-op permit first. We can help with this.

Working after graduation

When you’re done your program, you can apply for a post-graduation work permit that will allow you to work for up to 3 years in Canada.

Studying in Canada

Attend a Canadian university and you’ll gain a high quality education that’s valued by employers all over the world.


With requirements that include tests, notarized transcripts, letters of recommendation, and statements of purpose, the idea of applying to study in Canada can seem daunting.


You can fund your Canadian education in a number of ways. If your grades are high or you’ve made a notable contribution to society, you may be eligible for a scholarship.


Choose to stay on-campus with other students or rent an apartment off-campus. We’ll work with you to ensure you have a safe place to live close to school.

About Canada

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Visa Processing

Getting a Canadian visa can be a challenge, but we can help by guiding you through the process, using the E-VISA system.