Clearing your path

At Canadian Education Connect (CEdC), we take a full-spectrum approach to helping you find the right school and the right program for you. But we don’t stop there—our registered counselors will also help you prepare by helping you with everything from applications to accommodations.

Once you’re in school, you’ll have easy access to assistance from our Canadian office. Our support will not only make it easier for you to succeed academically—it will also make it easier to land a job when you’re done. Best of all, our services are free for students.

Finding the Right University For You

Canada’s wide range of universities, educational institutes, and degree programs can make choosing a learning institution feel overwhelming.

Travel & Accommodation Arrangements

CEdC will help you explore your options and choose a safe, affordable, convenient place to live while you’re in Canada. Because we have an office in Canada…

Helping You Apply

If you want to study in Canada, you’ll need to navigate a stringent application process, but we can guide you through it.

Visa Support

Correctly following the application process is the key to getting a visa. At CEdC, we’ll guide students through the online application…

Career Counselling

With locations on both sides of the ocean, we have the unique ability to provide support before you leave India and after you arrive in Canada.