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What is the Canadian student visa processing time?

Study in Canada

Canadian embassies are staffed to address student visas diligently. The time taken will depend on the geographical region (Delhi, Bangalore etc.) you are applying to and the period of the year. For example: For fall (September) start, there will be a number of students applying for Canadian student visas and you should expect a longer wait time for processing. It is advised that to you start the student visa process as soon as you get the admission letter to avoid any unnecessary delays. Students should also note that

Also, the mode of application also matters, be it online or walk-in.

Further, Canada is becoming the number 1 destination for international students and you should be prepared to expect a longer wait time when applying for student visa. To avoid rejections, students should follow the check-list and where consult with a reputable visa consultant who are ICCRC registered to ensure the application is strong and has the best chance of success.

Keep checking the status on-line and be rest assured that Canadian embassies have clear protocols and processes in place to ensure genuine students are granted visas as long as they fulfill the required criteria established by Canadian government.

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