Part time job opportunities for Indian students in Canada

International students can work on and off campus for up to 20 hrs a week during your academic sessions and you are able to work full time during the summer break. Most students in our experience to get a part-time job either on campus or off-campus, but it takes some time, primarily due to lack […]

Advantages of working Part-time in Canada

Most students want to work part-time to cover some of the expenses but there are also other advantages: Money never sleeps Having a part-time job is a source of stable income that will allow students to pay for rent and incidentals. This will reduce the financial burden and dependency on your sponsors and parents. It […]

What is the Canadian student visa processing time?

Canadian embassies are staffed to address student visas diligently. The time taken will depend on the geographical region (Delhi, Bangalore etc.) you are applying to and the period of the year. For example: For fall (September) start, there will be a number of students applying for Canadian student visas and you should expect a longer […]

How many backlogs are allowed in Canadian universities?

In general, no backlogs are always the best option. For Canadian universities with increased competition the scope to accept backlogs is on the lower side but the good news is that some universities only look at the last two years when calculating your final GPA and if you have your backlogs in the first two years of […]

Documents You Must Have Before Coming To CANADA as a Student

The key documents you must carry with you for your study in Canada are: Your Passport Your University Acceptance Letter and Study permit Proof of funds Proof of Health insurance Copies of documents you provided in your study permit application Be prepared to show the following documents: your passport your Letter of Acceptance from the university […]

Government of Canada takes early action to improve the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Improving access to job opportunities for Canadians and creating the conditions for growth will help families in the middle class and those working hard to join it. That’s why today, the Honourable John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, and the Honourable MaryAnn Mihychuk, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, announced first steps […]

Study in Canada – Canada Education Connect

With a number of top universities and colleges Canada welcomes more than 400,000 international students each year. Canadian universities are renowned for their teaching and research facilities across the world. We at Canada Education Connect have helped many students make the right decision and based on our experience we have created a step-by-step guide to on […]