Part time job opportunities for Indian students in Canada

Study in Canada
Studying in Canada

International students can work on and off campus for up to 20 hrs a week during your academic sessions and you are able to work full time during the summer break.

Most students in our experience to get a part-time job either on campus or off-campus, but it takes some time, primarily due to lack of work experience or customer service experiences as most part-time jobs are customer focussed. We also strongly advise our students to not look for jobs in your first semester as your first priority is to get used to the new academic environment, the new curriculum, academic requirements etc. Once you are fairly confident about the process and schedules, you should venture into the part-time job scenarios.

While the majority of the students look for off-campus jobs, don’t forget that some of you can be eligible for the coveted Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant positions within the university. Students who have chosen the research or thesis stream should take the opportunity to discuss TA/RA positions with their supervisors. These positions are based on good academic performance and you must prove your skills to get the positions. The advantage with these positions is that you get to work on campus and have predictable hours vs those that are off-campus that take valuable time away from your graduate studies.

For any position that you are applying for the commons steps that you must follow are as follows:
a) Prepare a professional covering letter that outlines your interest in the positions, your experience and how it relates to the position you are applying for

b) A professional resume without spelling mistakes (pay close attention to the language and have your friends read it to avoid mistakes). Canadian companies use the resumes to screen candidates and spelling mistakes, poor grammar etc. will not create a good first impression.
Takes Time:
It takes time to get a position and you will have to do well in your interviews to be hired. Given that you will be new to the country etc. it is highly recommended that you seek the advice of the international office and other volunteer organizations to help you prepare for interviews and become more confident.
Word-of-mouth and networking are essential skills that students should use. Try and attend networking events both on and off campus and speak to potential employers. Dress professionally to these events and leave a good impression with them. Also, take visiting cards with you. LinkedIn is also an essential tool that you should use to your advantage.

We at Canada Education Connect have experience in these areas and we are here to guide you. Contact our expert counsellors for more details.

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